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Fez tourism guide

Dean of the imperial cities, Fes symbolizes in itself the cultural quintessence of Morocco. It splits in three different parts : Fes el-Jedid (the half-old) and Fes el-Bali ( the old) which form the medina ; and Fes the young (new town) built at the time of the protectorate. Bigger medina of Morocco, Fes is doubtless the most authentic city of North Africa. Its intellectual influence is translated by its easily recognizable architecture, embodied by its famous university Karaouiyne. Surrounded by hills and crossed by Oued, the city of Fes is a gigantic labyrinth with narrow alleys. If during the last thirty years, it was less pointed up than cities as Marrakesh or Essaouira, Fes remains the guard of the Moroccan traditions. For 4 years, the city woke up, just like its swarming and colored souks; perfect illustration of secular craft industry.