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Essaouira tourism guide

At 2-hour drive from Marrakesh, Essaouira city suddenly appears below us, while perfectly following a coastline that mirrors Brittany. Literally, “the beautifully designed”, Essaouira medina distinguishes itself from its Moroccan counterparts by the tranquility we feel while walking here. Wide alleyways cross these white and blue colored districts. Essaouira remains a fishing city which enjoys a sunny climate, cooled by the wind, all over the year. If water sport enthusiasts meet here from now on, we still feel today the bohemian perfume of the artists who stayed here in the 70’s. As witness the numerous musical festivals which happen here each year. The city continues its extension, and golfers will be able to enjoy an unique setting from now on that the golf facing the sea offers. Ideal for holidays with family, or between friends, Essaouira is a city where it’s good dawdling.